The project « Active citizens = Future of Europe » was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"


Participation: The project involved 440 citizens, notably 50 participants from the city of Gerendas (Hungary), 45 participants from the city of Sopronnemethi (Hungary), 45 participants from the city of Spesov (Czech Republic) and 300 participants from the host city of Mala Maca (Slovakia).

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Malá Mača (Slovakia), from 07/08/2015 to 08/08/2015
Short description:
The day of 07/08/2015 was dedicated to the issue of active citizenship and the future of Europe. All generations of participants were devoted to these topics. Special activities were prepared for each of them, where they acquired new knowledge and learnt about their role and necessity in society in a way appropriate to their age. The first activity after the opening of the event was the launch of the European Information Point. It was focused on the presentation of the EU among the participants in the form of printed brochures and promotional materials. This activity was followed by the traditional blood donation – Malá Mača drop. It has already become a tradition between the partner municipalities where volunteers from among the participants go donate blood. Two citizens of the new partner municipality, Spešova joined this partnership initiative. Shortly after lunch the Partner Committee met. Mayors, self-government representatives and active citizens discussed the partnership and its future, and the role of citizens in solving public affairs. The next activity was the introduction of the new partner municipality, Spešov. The Mayor of Spešov introduced the village, its history and sights in the form of a slideshow. After this activity followed the most important activities of the day, when active citizenship, the functioning of EU citizenship and the need for participation of citizens in shaping Europe's future were introduced to children, adults and seniors. Three activities on these topics became the key to activation of citizens - they can be considered as added values of the project. This was followed by a non-traditional sweet dinner when participants prepared sweet delicacies typical of their country or community from different ingredients. The evening belonged to entertainment, music and mutual familiarisation.
The day of 08/08/2015 was dedicated to mutual understanding through culture, sport and entertainment. The morning program began with the reopening of the European Information Point, which brought complex information about the EU. Subsequently the competition in goulash-cooking started. It was attended by a total of 15 teams representing various associations and groups of citizens from all partner municipalities. Each team presented with their own recipe. The prepared stew was available not just for the jury but the other participants could taste it as well. Sport was another dominant element in the morning program. On an unusual football field hidden in the woods football teams made up of individuals from all partner municipalities matched their skills. Altogether 8 teams competed. Meanwhile, in the building of the kindergarten children draw pictures on the theme of the EU. These pictures were consequently exposed. The rest of the afternoon was held in the spirit of culture and learning about cultural habits of the Slovak, Czech and Hungarian nations. Within the performances, artists of all generations from the local municipality, the surroundings and from the partner municipalities presented themselves. The evening program was held in the spirit of confirming friendships, common entertainment, singing songs. After this activity, the event was finished and the guests departed to their homes late at night.

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